Let me introduce myself -- I am a mobile and web designer focused on creating beautiful, intuitive experiences.  My passion is to create functional interactions that will enhance life through technology.  By using strategy findings and real-data to inform my decisions, I am able to transform a broad concept into an easily understood interface and experience.  I do this all while focusing on the user and including the minute details, such as microinteractions, personalization, and copy,  that truly make The Experience.

To be an effective user experience designer requires me to wear the different hats of problem-solver, designer, collaborator, and communicator.

I am currently a Senior UX/UI Designer at Rogue Fitness in Columbus, OH. Before Rogue, I worked at EXPRESS, Inc. as an Omni-channel User Experience Designer and spent 3 years with WillowTree, Inc., an industry leader in mobile application design and development based in Charlottesville, Virginia. 

Many of my passions evolve around health and fitness.  When not designing or creating art for myself and loved ones, you can typically find me trying a new recipe, weight training at the gym, reading fitness articles, or walking my dog.

If you'd like to learn more about my skills and experience, check out my resume.